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When considering a Mortgage Broker in Oldham, you should consider Oldham Independent Mortgage Services Ltd first!

When looking for Mortgage advice in Oldham, there are many other things to consider over and above the actual mortgage loan. For example, one area Oldham Independent Mortgage Services Ltd can assist you on is protecting your home and mortgage. There are various insurances that do this task and they can be very confusing so it makes sense to take advice from us in this area. We advise on insurance from a number of different providers.


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Consult a Mortgage Expert

It is always best to consult an expert when looking for Mortgage Advice in Oldham. This is because we know how to best navigate the market and providers in order to secure your mortgage and associated services for you.

For example, there are many low risk clients who are unable to obtain a mortgage having failed lenders automated decision systems. Oldham Independent Mortgage Services Ltd have established working relationships with a number of lenders enabling us to secure mortgages that would often fall outside of normal lenders underwriting criteria.

  • Oldham Independent Mortgage Services Ltd are experienced, expert mortgage brokers offering you a fast, efficient and personal service.
  • We have access to a full and comprehensive range of competitive products from the whole of the market.
  • In many cases we can provide a decision in principle within 24 hours.
  • You will find our advice and recommendation services second to none, ensuring that you receive the most appropriate mortgage and associated products to suit your needs.
  • Residential mortgages can be obtained to facilitate the purchase or remortgage from the whole of the market and to also capital raise for whatever reason you desire.

How can we offer all this for free?

Like all other brokers, we receive a payment from the lender when the mortgage completes. The difference is that unlike other mortgage brokers, we simply choose not to charge our customers a fee on top of this.

We believe that our approach speaks for itself and due to our excellent relationships with mortgage and service providers alike, we are confident that you will receive unrivalled service, all for FREE.

If you are a first-time buyer, consider using Oldham Independent Mortgage Services Ltd as your independent mortgage broker. We will guide you through the buying process.

Why remortgage?

There are various reasons why you may be looking to remortgage:

  • You may already be on a lenders Standard Variable Rate (SVR) or will be soon when your deal expires. The average SVR charged by the top seven lenders is currently 2.7% higher than the cheapest two-year fixed rate for re-mortgaging. In fact, almost three million borrowers are currently paying their lenders’ SVR. These borrowers should remortgage immediately and start to see huge savings on their monthly payments.
  • Your current deal maybe on a variable rate, which is currently very low but are concerned about the risk of interest rates rising. You may be concerned how any future rate rises may affect your monthly mortgage payments and want to see if you can protect yourself against these.

  • As mentioned above, releasing capital to enable you to pay for some home improvements, purchase a Buy To Let property, fund a holiday, buy a car, etc.
  • Reducing the term of the mortgage to minimise the amount of interest you will pay and become mortgage free as fast as possible.
  • Consolidating debts to reduce the financial burden of payments each month.


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